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Sean S. Bentley
Content strategy and tactics

(425) 830-8722
11801 SE 48th St.
Bellevue, Washington, 98006

Extensive professional experience
in editing, writing,
and user interface design

  • 25 years experience editing print and online documentation, web pages, and UI text
  • 15 years experience as a user-experience writer for UI text and online documentation
  • Editor of fiction and nonfiction for a trade publishing house
  • Published author of nontechnical writing
  • Principal of a freelance editing/writing service
  • Monthly columnist for
  • Website and blog creator/designer, content provider, and manager
  • Principal, No Nonsense Content Consultants

2013-2016: SENIOR WRITER
Tyler Technologies
Dynamics AX

Public sector documentation and UI text for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and AX 7

  • Partnered with PM, Dev, and Design
  • Created Help content and UI text for Procurement, Budgeting, and other modules
  • Wrote and edited training guides and white papers
  • Consulted on UX and UI issues with new and re-imagined interfaces
  • Defined new UI and conceptual terminology
  • Developed a website for internal training documentation
  • Wrote a spec for a music therapy app for Alzheimer sufferers

2012-2013: WRITER/EDITOR
Kinect for Windows Design Group

Content for Kinect Human Interface Guidelines book

  • Partnered with Designers, PM, and Marketing
  • Created style guide and taxonomy for written materials
  • Updated HIG book and Setup screens
  • Defined new UI and conceptual terminology
  • Conducted terminology and tone research
  • Contributed to UI text and marketing literature

2012: WRITER
Server and Management Studios Research & Design Group

Intranet guidelines for the application of Microsoft Design to the IT Pro space

  • Partnered with Design, Usability, PM, and Information Experience
  • Defined new UI and conceptual terminology
  • Created roadmap graphics to illustrate UI naming

2007-2011: WRITER
Lync (Skype) User Experience Group

Help, UI text, and collateral material for an enterprise-level communication application

  • Conducted early terminology and tone research
  • Managed the terminology taxonomy
  • Improved content coordination between UA, marketing, localization
  • Iterated with UI designers and PMs to ensure that information design was usable
  • Wrote UI text that was friendly, helpful, consistent, and accurate

2005-2007: EDITOR
Human Resources

Internal web pages and time-critical news articles

  • Conducted early terminology and tone research
  • Managed the terminology taxonomy
  • Improved content coordination between UA, marketing, localization
  • Delivered articles, video scripts, and scenarios
  • Updated and maintained the project style guide, building a .chm file and flat HTML site
  • Edited print and online documentation for release on MSDN
  • Edited and wrote process documentation for teams at Aquent and Microsoft

2001-2005: UI TEXT EDITOR
Commercial User Experience group; Windows Server User Assistance Group

UI text for Windows server-based applications and OS and Windows Update-related projects

  • "Scrubbed" existing UI text, and edited and wrote UI text
  • Performed developmental, substantive, and copy editing, and proof-reading
  • Edited and wrote for GUI Tips, a monthly e-mail newsletter
  • Contributed to project-specific and company-wide style guides,
  • Served on Microsoft Editorial Board, helping create and maintain content for the MSTP
  • Ensured consistent style and tone for Localization, Accessibility, Legal, and other teams
  • Managed two editors

2000-2001: LEAD EDITOR
Windows Online Services UA group

UI text and documentation

  • Supported the Windows Update web site and Publishing Manager
  • Supported Windows XP Help and Support Center (HSC) and related features
  • Edited user interface text, Help, Knowledge Base articles, and whitepapers
  • Managed one editor


  • Edited books for Madrona Publishers, Seattle:
    • At the Field’s End: Interviews with 20 Northwest Writers (Lead editor)
    • Together in the Dark by Robert Colfelt (Lead editor)
    • Walking the Beach to Bellingham by Harvey Manning (Lead editor)
    • A manuscript of stories by Carol Orlock (Lead editor)
    • The Twelve Steps Revisited
    • Don’t Help: A Guide to Working with the Alcoholic
    • Judie Geise’s New Northwest Kitchen
  • Edited book for Recreational Equipment, Inc:
    REI: Fifty Years of Hiking Together)
  • Edited books for The Mountaineers: Bicycling in New Zealand and Footsore 4
  • Edited and contributed to nonfiction book, Continent of Glory: The Lost Diary of David Blumenfeld as well as building a sample website to promote the project
  • Designed website for Friends of Nelson Bentley
  • Coedited Fine Madness poetry magazine from 1984-2008, as well as designing the website


English/Cinema BA, University of Washington, cum laude


  • HTML
  • DreamWeaver
  • FireWorks
  • SourceDepot
  • DXStudio
  • BlueGriffon

Society of Technical Communicators

  • 1998 Award of Merit:
    Internet Explorer Plus, The Web the Way You Want It
  • 1998 Distinguished Technical Communication:
    Internet Explorer Home User web site
  • 1998 Distinguished Technical Communication:
    Internet Explorer 4.0 Online Help
  • 2000 Excellence, Online Communications Demonstration:
    Internet Explorer Tour
  • 2001 Distinguished Technical Communication:
    Windows XP Help and Support Center