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This is above and beyond, Sean. I love it! ...It all makes sense now and I was at a loss myself. Ya done hit the ball outta the park.
- Judith Skillman, Premise of Light

Thank you! This is absolutely marvelous, exactly what I need. I'm so grateful with how refined this is as a document. ...I agree wholeheartedly with your comments. Having them stated so clearly helps we both as reassurance and as a practical way to not be overwhelmed.
- Gladys Cardiff, Keen-Eye

Thank you for your thorough and excellent work.... You are an awesome editor (and a pretty excellent human, as well) and I will happily recommend you to anyone who asks, should you need a reference.
- Sam Rosen, Microsoft Kinect

Sean is still my favorite editor to work with... His attention to detail is top-notch, and goes hand-in-hand with his natural ability to build a strong rapport with his writers and fellow editors. Few editors in my experience have proven so adept at developing the text and the writer in a manner that is always constructive and appreciated. He is an excellent ally in any project or discussion to improve or enhance the user experience, and consistently delivers high-quality work even when faced with challenging deadlines.
- Jeanette Noble, Microsoft Windows Server

Sean is a very accomplished writer and editor. In his job as UI Text Writer, he worked collaboratively with the Program Management and Design teams to create the best possible user interface for the software products he was assigned to. Sean is passionate about UI text. Sean's demeanor is always professional, calm, open-minded. He asks great questions and his contributions are always constructive.
...I recommend him without reservation.
- Lola Jacobsen, Microsoft Office